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We have a very well equipped Analytical testing laboratory which includes advanced Rheological test equipment

Common Testing we do

 Hydrocarbon Analysis

Gas Chromatogram (GC) FID & MSD – SimDist C5 to C80

GC-MSD Residual Detection Method

BTEX Analysis in Oil 

PARI Analysis (Oil Composition)

SARA Analysis (Oil Composition)

Cold Finger (6 cell test)


WAT Viscosity

Pour Point

Loss on Ignition (550℃)

KF Titration

Pensky Martin Closed cup Flash Point (Miniflash)

Vapor Pressure Analysis

Melting Point 

API Gravity

Solid Analysis

Oily Sample preparation (Solvent Wash and Dry)

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)

XRF Elemental Analysis (F to U)

Full Solid Analysis (Wash, XRD & XRF) recommended

Acid Solubility/ Solvent Solubility 

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

Autoclave Weight loss HTHP Corrosion Testing (6 hour or less)

Particle Size Analysis (PSA)

Viscosity/Polymer Analysis

Friction Loop Testing – mini loop

Friction Loop Testing – Large loop

Viscosity Profile (RT)

Viscosity Profile (any temp.)

Oscillation Elastic Modulus

HTHP Break Test (2 hr break test) Viscosity

Anthrone/Carbohydrate/Polymer Residuals

HPLC polymer analysis

Nano particle size

Particle charge

Water Analysis

Water Analysis  (Fe, Mn, Ca, Ba, Sr, Mg, Na, K, SO4, Cl, alkalinity, and pH)

Water Analysis with Scaling Tendencies  (Fe, Mn, Ca, Ba, Sr, Mg, Na, K, SO4, Cl, alkalinity, and pH)

Individual Anions or Cations by IC or ICP (with Water Analysis)

Individual Anions or Cations by IC or ICP (no Water Analysis) 

IC Analysis for Anions (SO4, PO4, Br, Cl, F, NO2, NO3)

Total Suspended Solids

Total Dissolved Solids


Alkalinity Analysis

ATP Analysis (Microbial Equivalent count)

Du Nouy Ring Surface Tension

Bubble Tensiometer Surface Tension

Oil /Water Compatibility testing

Scale Inhibitor Residuals

BSW - Oil in Water Determination

Hexane Extraction – Oil in Water

Density Measurement

Residual Analysis – Wet method

Residual Analysis – ICP method

Residual Analysis – hplc method

Millipore Filter Analysis (ICP included/XRD not included)

Quaternary Amine Analysis

Sulfide in Analysis by Methylene Blue

Phosphate in Water

Core Flow Testing

IFT Analysis

Surface Tension

Contact Angle

Technical Consulting (per hour)

Capable of various UV/Vis Environmental Testing Methods upon request. 

Material Failure Analysis available upon request.

Bulk and long-term commitment discounts can be negotiated.

Guaranteed Standard Turnaround Time Is 3 to 5 business days. 

Next Day RUSH service available @ double the price.

Same Day RUSH service available @ triple the price.

If you have specific requirements specialized testing and products can be provided.

Industries Serviced but not limited to

Environmental testing

Oil and Gas

Consumer products


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