We have a very well equipped Analytical testing laboratory which includes advanced Rheological test equipment

Common Testing we do

Water analysis and scaling potential calculations: Common Na,K,Ca,K, Fe, Ba,Sr, Mn, SO4, Cl, pH, Alkalinity. Many other ions can be added on request. Fe/Mn monitoring for corrosion.

Rheological characterization of gels, fracturing fluids, including HTHP conditions, Elastic modulus testing. Gel break testing, Fluid formulation

XRD mineral identification, elemental analysis with SEM EDS, unknown identification

PARI, Hydrocarbon composition analysis up to C60. Cold Finger testing

Corrosion Weight loss testing, Material compatibility testing, Failure analysis. Electrochemical corrosion testing available.

Residuals analysis using GC-MSD for amines and other chemicals

BTEX analysis and Environmental testing

Acid Solubility and fluid formulation

Scale inhibitor residual and performance testing

Bacterial ATP testing and Kill studies

Chemical Recommendations and Sales available

If you have specific requirements specialized testing and products can be provided.

Industries Serviced but not limited to

Environmental testing

Oil and Gas

Consumer products